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Plastic Mode - "Plastic Mode" [FLAC] (2011)

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Napisano 27 grudzień 2011 - 13:08

Plastic Mode - "Plastic Mode" [FLAC] (2011)

Dołączona grafika

Dołączona grafika
Yi Tailuo disco dance music from the 1980s, the popular European disco dance, mainly in the Italian country-based creative dance, and then into the United States, Britain, France and Germany, when the italo disco craze sweeping the world is not know how many people have been touched, yet he is still regarded as a classic disco era. 80's disco, fresh and dynamic style of music, plus a lively and playful lyrics, seductive dance beat and a beautiful and lovable romantic melody, are the catchy pop dance music can be easily. To the prevailing market brought a new wave of dance, italo disco was in 1985 when the Hong Kong International Record Co., Ltd. to fly into China mainland, (warriors, Holland East, Lord of the Dance family, Yi Tailuo ... etc.) then blowing a whole slice of disco dance craze, when the boys and girls can be called together were hot, but also coincides with the break dance, swing dance craze sweeping the globe, italo disco dance in Europe the introduction, the majority of fans access to the best of Western electronic dance music. The magic created by mixing sound, so that each young man emotionally. Then had a record number of sales records. italo disco dance music and not like today's disco dance crazy as always to the beat of a strong movement to stimulate your senses, 80, is the world's common good, so it is hot bones, Mei, soft, sexy , it is absolutely a gentle disco, it definitely can be gradually brought into it that you uniquely can make you obsessed with nostalgia and high-level state. When italo disco dance music first sounded in your ear, you will be such a clear, crisp, neat prelude to attract, then it will slowly introduce your part of the lead singer of the song, you listen to a kinds of strength and mildly beautiful voice, so you may not believe, italo disco dance turned out to be so tender. When the lead singer part just ended, the so-called relay-style accompaniment sounded again, so at this moment you have spirits linger, but after hearing it will think there is a passionate, fascinated feeling. News music and even dance. At that time when music actually represents the desire for love and the pursuit of hazy, so far can not forget. It can be said of Italo disco eighties pop songs almost every song is melodic, artistic conception, with a strong artistic appeal of the fine. I do not know how many people my age and like their music, I can say that those songs had a youth with emotional turmoil initial period, and left indelible marks. Now listen to the music, my heart still will be filled with waves of excitement, seems to be a beautiful spring heart forever. Now think of twenty years ago when listening to Italo disco passion, or actually as crazy as if drunk. They are essential to their process of growing a landscape. Easy melody, charming orchestration, filling the 80 European dance romantic character, who is now simply can not superficial silly disco comparable.

Dołączona grafika
1. N.Y. Life 6:38
2. Summer Time 3:55
3. Digitally 5:01
4. Mi Amor 4:26
5. A Jazzy Woman 4:14
6. Baja Imperial 4:57

Bonus Tracks:
7. Mi Amor (12'' Version) 5:53
8. Baja Imperial (12'' Version) 7:22
Dołączona grafika
Album Name : Plastic Mode
Artist : Plastic Mode
Music style : Italo Disco
Resource Format : FLAC
Release Date : August 5, 2011
Size: 360.7 mb

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