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Solar Fields - "Random Friday" [FLAC] (2012)


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Solar Fields - "Random Friday" [FLAC] (2012)

Dołączona grafika

Dołączona grafika

Solar, Fields, a Project of the Swedish electronic music composer and graphic designer. personal formed in 2001. And launched the first album "Reflective Frequencies in. Magnus will always create a unique voice, it sounded like music from the universe, very different with the general genre. Now he has been called "high-tech sound designer. In short, like high-tech sound under it. High-tech in the rendering of Solar Fields will always give you a simple but not simple feeling, the very concept of logic, rather than complicated, of course, a bit cold and flu. In his famous Studio at Jupiter Studios, he continued to broaden the musical horizons. Date, has published the six Zhang Duli record. In the the HUVA network under the name of French composer AEs the Dana 50 the multitrack independent electronic label, style, mostly slow beat atmosphere. In 2007, he started writing the Electronic Arts video game "Mirror's Edge, and have achieved certain results.

Dołączona grafika

01 Light Control

02. the Random Friday

03. the Cobalt 2.5

04 In Motion

05. Daydreaming

06. the Swoosh

07 in Landing Party

08. the Lift Off

09. Perception

10. Polarity

Dołączona grafika

Album : Random Friday

Artist : Solar Fields

Music style : Electronic/Trance

Format : FLAC

Release Date : May 1, 2012

Region : France

Size: 468.8 mb

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