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Tomandandy - "Resident Evil: Retribution [FLAC] (2012)


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Napisano 03 październik 2012 - 18:24

Tomandandy - "Resident Evil: Retribution [FLAC] (2012)

Dołączona grafika

Dołączona grafika

Album Description: The movie is set in 1998, the movie is no longer only focus on the role of the body in Alice, Gil will play an important role by the zombie tide outbreaks manufacturing Umbrella (Umbrella). The umbrella company R & D the T virus continued invasion of Earth, the only remaining human is forced to face desperate cannibalism. The only hope of mankind full body cyborg Alice when she regained consciousness from the secret laboratory of the umbrella company, traveled to Tokyo, New York, Washington and Moscow, trying to chase out the perpetrators of the spread of the virus. Unexpectedly, a series of accidents Alice facing the real to the enemy's predicament of old partners and new allies Ida, Alice how before the coming of the Scourge deadline to find a way out in the end, lead humanity through the end of the crisis?

Dołączona grafika

1. Hexes - Bassnectar feat. Chino Moreno Score by Tomandandy

2. Flying Through The Air

3. First Blood

4. Tokyo Revisited

5. Corridor

6. Planting

7. Axemen

8. Fall Back

9. Imprinted

10. Suburbia

11. Phantom Chase

12. End of The World

13. Drive Away

14. Ice Pack

15. Zombies Under Ice

16. It's Help

17. Flying Through The Air (T-Mass Remix)

Dołączona grafika

Album Name : Resident Evil: Retribution

Artist : Tomandandy

Resource Format : FLAC

Version : Music From The Motion Picture

Released : September 11, 2012

Size: 249.4 mb

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