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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server

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Napisano 23 czerwiec 2007 - 20:31

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server

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Introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform

Advanced technologies are now available to everyone. Better availability. Flexibility. Improved security and performance.

Advanced Platform eliminates the cost and complexity of enterprise-class virtualization, high availability, and storage management software. These are included in the platform. Fully integrated and supported. Simple and afforable.

The benefits of choosing Red Hat

A huge ecosystem of hardware and software partners, offering both services and certified solutions, makes Red Hat the industry leader. This powerful combination provides:

* Thousands of certified applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
* Hundreds of certified hardware systems and peripherals from leading OEM vendors, spanning multiple processor architectures
* A range of partner programs
* Comprehensive service offerings, up to 24x7 support with 1-hour response, available from Red Hat and selected ISV/OEM partners
* Excellent performance, security, scalability, and availability, with audited industry benchmarks
* Open source technologies rigorously tested and matured through the Red Hat sponsored Fedora project
* With each major version, stable application interfaces and 7 years of product support
* A homogeneous client/server product family that enables seamless inter-operation of systems from the laptop to the data-center to the mainframe. Plus, excellent interoperability with existing Unix and Microsoft® Windows® deployments

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Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc1.cue[90bajtów]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc1.bin[723.13mb]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc2.cue[90bajtów]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc2.bin[723.78mb]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc3.cue[90bajtów]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc3.bin[723.42mb]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc4.cue[90bajtów]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc4.bin[721.52mb]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc5.cue[90bajtów]
Dołączona grafikaRed.Hat.Enterprise.Linux-5-server-i386-disc5.bin[256.62mb]
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