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eMule 0.45b FRTK EvoStar v2.6

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Napisano 23 kwiecień 2005 - 20:57

eMule 0.45b FRTK EvoStar v2.6

Dołączona grafika

"CHANGELOG" napisał:

- SFpush for small chunks ("VQB: SFpush").
- TempSpaceLeft statistics ("SLUGFILLER: tempSpaceLeft").
- Pop-up menu icons and directory tree icons now work in all operating systems("SLUGFILLER: 9xIcons").
- You can now set upload priorities and release status for downloads from within the downloads list("SLUGFILLER: DLCUpPrio").
- The message tab now flashs when a new message is received("SLUGFILLER: MessageFlash").
- Removed bad coding and irresponsible use of non-standard IsKindOf("SLUGFILLER: removeKindOf").
- Added proper "Source from" values for all possible options, and fixed incorrect values("SLUGFILLER: sourceFrom").
- Save sources ("SLUGFILLER: saveSources").
- Downloads can take sources from search results and browsed user files("SLUGFILLER: searchCatch").
- Wizard SlotFocus
- Webcache 1.9 beta3
- Dazzle create a map with all known ip's for faster source addition
- View transferring client
- Lot of graphical change
- Quick remove of Remove Dead Source List (use preprocessor option to put it again)
- Share with subdirectories v2.5("SLUGFILLER: shareSubdir"):
- Spread bars v1.2("SLUGFILLER: Spreadbars"):
- Safe Hash("SLUGFILLER: SafeHash"):
- Hide overshares("SLUGFILLER: hideOS")
- Selective chunk sharing( "SLUGFILLER: hideOS")
- Basic Ban of mod stealing mod name
- SpreadReask ("SLUGFILLER: spreadReask").
- See own credits ("VQB: ownCredits").
- NoNeededRequeue ("SLUGFILLER: noNeededRequeue").
- Double Lucas (Tag: "SLUGFILLER: doubleLucas").
- Added Stats for Lphant ($ick$)
- Chunk Selection Patch (Xman)
- Dynamic Block Requests (NetFinity / WiZaRd)
- Lot of FIX and code Improvement (Ionix, Xman, Maella, KTS, TKB, WiZaRd, MoNKi, Ikabot)

The following features are acutally removed and will be readded later:

- Release Window (Ionix)
- Downloaded History (MonKi/ from TKB)
- Client percentage (Xlillo)
- slots control
- Auto HardLimit [Sivka]
- Anti Leecher Ratio Kick 1:3 [BG]
- Payback First [BG/Ibérica] (like option in Foroteca tweak)
- Auto Unban when Friend to add is a banned client [BCNL]
- Super Release [adapted from Slugfiller] (If a file in [Super Release is required], the applicant is placed immediately in up by the opening of an additional slot.) [TKB]

... and some others

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