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Techno Animal - The Brotherhood Of The Bomb (2001)

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Napisano 17 luty 2009 - 16:08

Techno Animal - The Brotherhood Of The Bomb (2001)

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Produced by the legendary Bill Laswell, This latest release from Techno Animal is filled with piledriving beats, sharp-edged noise, thundering bass, and some tracks have guest musicians that tie it all together with catchy hip hop vocals. "Cruise Mode 101" is an upbeat woofer-rumbler with aggressive vocals that is guaranteed to make your head bob. "Hypertension" is a groove masterpiece with soft but huge bass rumbling. The various guest rappers all have different styles which makes this cd enjoyable by all fans of crushing drums n' bass or Dub music.

This one will peel the paint off your walls.This is a caustic album of rumbling thunder.The duo of Kevin Martin(God,Ice,etc.) and Justin Broadrick(Godflesh,Ice etc.)combine to make an album the likes of which have never been heard.50% instrumental and 50% raps(by Toastie Taylor,Anti pop Consortium,Sonic Sum,El-P/Cannibal Ox,and Dalek).This is a brutal punishing cd yet accessible and flowing.Get it now at all costs.

01. Cruise Mode 101 (feat. Rubberoom) [4:48]
02. Glass Prism Enclosure (feat. Anti Pop Consortium) [4:23]
03. Hypertension [6:14]
04. DC-10 (feat. Sonic Sum) [4:33]
05. Robosapien [5:45]
06. Freefall [5:03]
07. Monoscopic [5:54]
08. Piranha (feat. Toastie Taylor) [4:58]
09. Sub Species [4:18]
10. We Can Build You (feat. EL-P & Vast Aire) [4:16]
11. Blood Money [5:22]
12. Hell (feat. Dälek) [5:33]

Extractor: Exact Audio Copy v0.95 prebeta 5
Codec: Monkey's Audio v3.99
Compression: High Lossless
Total Time: 61:12


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