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Emule Morphxt 0.50A 12.4

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Napisano 01 październik 2010 - 02:11

Emule Morphxt 0.50A 12.4

Dołączona grafika


Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.4

ADD: Visual Studio 2010 project files and solution [Stulle]
ADD: Display check mark next to currently assigned category [Stulle]
CHANGE: update cryptolib Version 5.6.0 (3/15/2009) [Stulle]
CHANGE: update pugxml.h (http://www.codeproje...aneArticle.aspx) [JCrane2/tychen]
CHANGE: update zlib 1.2.5 [Stulle]
CHANGE: update libpng 1.4.3 [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rename CMemDC to CMemoryDC [Avi-3k]
CHANGE: Some other minor changes to compile on VS 2010
CHANGE: Rewrote the passing of params for drawing country flags to work in VS10 [Stulle]
+ bug in VS10 MFC; fixed code not only for VS10, used in all solutions
CHANGE: Also sort aMule for mods (if availablel) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Added additional wait time and security checks for flush threads on exit [WiZaRd]
+ possible crashfix
FIX: Sorting of client status (QR,...) to make sense at last [Stulle]
FIX: Crash on shutdown in ipfilter [Xman]
FIX: Force periodic updates was reset to previous state on applying [Stulle/thx Hiwi]
FIX: Download from http sources (e.g. sourceforge) broken because of sending user-agent [WiZaRd]
+ Added option to maintain list of URLs that should not receive user-agents
REMOVED: Display of session download in ChunkBar in DownloadClientsCtrl [Stulle]

You can download it on our official website :

Direct link to the download page :Instaler Binary Sources






Known bugs:
redraw issue in search window [fixed]
compile issue around "IMAGELISTDRAWPARAMS CIP2Country::GetFlagImageDrawParams" [fixed]
label for number of clients on queue and banned clients in TransferWnd too small [improved]
+ before "All Directories" not showing [fixed]
Server icon not drawn in ServerWndCtrl [fixed]

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Napisano 26 październik 2010 - 21:26

biorę się za testy, za tydzień zdam relacje :)

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